Boost your brand right in the middle of traffic with The BOX Advertising! Through a fleet of innovative advertising vehicles, we have raised the bar when it comes to captivating your target market on the road. Equipped with the latest digital LED screen technology, our multimedia vehicles are fully loaded marketing machine with the ability to scroll multiple billboards on all 3 sides and still be able to display a 3D showroom when needed. With this cutting-edge marketing medium, we enable exceptional target market attention while reinforcing existing advertising or branding campaigns. Furthermore, we deliver value, increased sales and response for a relatively affordable price.
When it comes to marketing campaigns, The BOX Advertising also specializes in custom interactive solutions such as Glass Wall Interactive Display. This new range of digital displays is purpose built to operate as an engaging application that brings information about your brand or business in a whole new way. Using eye-catching displays and through-glass interactivity, this outdoor mobile advertising solution also presents a variety of valuable possibilities for usage; including wayfinding, product or service demonstrations, and educational tutorials. Each system is developed and customized to meet the needs of each client, offering endless applications across industries.
Bring your brand or product to life through LED Digital Display from The BOX Advertising. Our fleet of advertising vehicles uses superior LED outdoor displays to deliver your message with impact. Whether you decide to use static or animated commercials, live camera feeds or interactive game consoles, our advert trucks guarantee tremendous results. Furthermore, these state-of-the-art vehicles can also operate on the move or at a static location, and offer you total control over your marketing activity. They can provide you the flexibility to engage with your audience at your choosing, be it on the commute to and from work or in areas that allow for the opportunity of public interaction.