Events and Shows

In today’s cluttered advertising climate, it is important to stand out to get the attention of your consumer and make an impact. For that reason, The BOX Advertising aims to deliver more agile and dynamic marketing campaigns through a fleet of mobile advertising vehicles designed to interact to audiences most important to our clients. Our outdoor mobile advertising services are inclusive of the following:
  • 4 Hour Time Blocks
  • Event Planner
  • Event Summary Report
  • Exclusive Use of Vehicle
  • Full Media System Access
  • Driver, Fuel, & Insurance
  • Uniformed Vehicle Operator
We boast professional, innovative, and customer-focused approach allowing the client to make sure their product is always one step ahead of the competition. Most of all, we travel to your audience and create new advertising spaces where they haven’t existed before. Video Commercials Capable of delivering video advertisements, The BOX Advertising Mobile uses state-of-the-art LED Displays and amazing cinema quality sound to become the ultimate marketing machine for various events and venues. Our media capabilities are near limitless; from product commercials, movie trailers, video game previews, to branded digital video content, your campaigns are guaranteed to reach thousands of consumers. Static Advertisements At The BOX Advertising, we understand that consumers are searching for an unending supply of information about everything. That is why we also offer high profile static advertisement to deliver campaigns which results to far greater exposure at a far lower cost than any other outdoor media. Movie Nights There is no better combination than a full house of moviegoers and your outdoor mobile advertising vehicle. Big screen premiers have always been a great venue to promote your brand, and the best part is that The BOX Advertising is equipped to achieve this for you! Park & Promote Campaigns At The BOX Advertising we continuously strive to create more creative and interactive ways to reach your customers. With our park and promote campaigns, you can easily reach congested venues where there are bigger opportunities to address a crowd of possible consumers. Custom Route Advertising Aside from a fleet of outdoor advertising vehicles, The BOX Advertising can also provide maximum exposure through campaign routes specifically customized for your needs. Through these strategically designed routes, your campaigns are expected to capture the attention of thousands of pedestrians, vehicle drivers and passengers in just a short period of time. Concerts & Shows Right this minute, your probable customers might just be lining up for an out-of-this-world concert. And for sure, you don’t want to miss this great marketing opportunity. At The BOX Advertising, we utilize outdoor mobile advertising with guaranteed circulation, excellent visibility and size impressions to ensure your brand gets the exposure. Political Events As a reputable advertising agency, The BOX Advertising combines visionary marketing strategies with cutting-edge technology to produce real-world results in political campaign marketing. With our powerful mobile advertising vehicles, we create advertising venues in high traffic areas and ensure that your advocacy and political ideals will be heard. Live Video Feed The BOX Advertising provides the ability to take your message directly to your target market at the precise moment they are most open to your suggestion. With Live Video Feed, shown through 3D LED Displays attached to our mobile advertising vehicles, you can easily leave an immediate and lasting impression to the audience in the area you want to target. TV Broadcasts Looking for a way to deliver your outdoor ads simultaneous and complementary with TV broadcasts? At The BOX Advertising, with our state-of-the-art mobile advertising vehicles, we can help implement your campaign as real-time TV broadcast on the road. Now you can ensure no one will miss your airtime. Video Games Aside from LED Displays and 3D showrooms, The BOX Advertising’s mobile advertising vehicles can also be equipped with multi-player game play and surround sound audio that can be set anywhere, anytime giving your audience the gaming experience they will never forget! Grand Openings Promote your new business venture through The BOX Advertising’s outdoor mobile advertising. Aside from being cost-efficient, it is also an effective means of consumer engagement that finds a way to tap into the traffic patterns of potential customers who travel by or near your new store. Product/Service Demos If your customers aren’t coming to you, drive your message to your customers. With an outdoor advertising mean-machine, The BOX Advertising introduces a unique twist on traditional product and service demonstrations. The mobility and ingenuity we offer enables your brand to reach in-market, outdoor enthusiasts all the way down to a specific activity level. Live Presentations Get your presentations on the move! At The BOX Advertising, we can help you organize your own roadshow and bring your live presentations right to the audience and on the busiest streets. No matter what your business or organization, we will take your message on the road and get you noticed. Sporting Events Nothing demonstrates the magic of outdoor mobile advertising better than big-event broadcasts. At The BOX Advertising we also deliver unforgettable marketing experiences through bringing enthralling content to audiences in big sporting events.